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Three Friends, 146 x146 cms. (57,5 x 57,5 inches)
Three Friends






mediterranean  and


exotic  touch




Under the mediterranean


light and creativity, and with roots


in the antique Indian tradition (from India) and


the German expressionism


and  French fauvism. In this


mixture, it's born and it's grown


this artist.


Born in 1959, he studied at the same


art school than Pablo Picasso at


Barcelona, Spain.


He is graduated In Art and Design for


the Escuela Superior de Diseño y Arte (Llotja),


Barcelona, Spain.




Paintings of medium and big dimensions.

Painted by mixed technique, with acrylics and

marble powder.

 Over an enriched base on

canvas, with colors and materic paste, it's

painted the definitive work.

Under an apparent ingenuousness and

infantilism in the draw and the contents, there is

a hard work of creation.







Several collective exhibitions at Barcelona,

Sabadell, Tarragona.


2002-2008 Collective exhibition at Expoart-e.


2008 Exhibition at Artistas de la Tierra.








Ahimsa Advaita B B
Ahimsa Advaita B B